I am Restent Ou, aka SliverRiver.

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I am a senior high student who comes from Guangxi, China aged 17. I think I will always be interested in everything I like.

On the Internet, I will active as "Restent Ou" (ID: gxres042) or "SliverRiver" (ID: slivermoe).

Emotion attack

I am not good at communicating with others, also no emotions will shown on my face. But if you are one of the people I know, I will try my best to keep friendly when communication.

But please remember, it's hard for me to stay normal and friendly for all of my lifetime, you must pay attention to the "PUA" happening unintentionally.


"Work", only for my website. So in my spare time, I often code website with Vue.js.

I learned Python in junior high, but I seldom code project with it.

BTW I'm also work for these organizations:

Find me

I have prepared a list can be found here.