My avatar

👋 Hey,
I'm Restent Ou.

"I always do useless things on the Internet."

Who am I?

A senior high student who comes from Guangxi, China.

Member of Travellings and 14Cloud (external).

And also a newbee on the Internet.

My skills

I may be a front-end developer, and I didn't start putting most of my efforts into front-end development until 2023, but I hadn't mastered it yet.

I mainly use Vue for front-end development, and I also have some knowledge of React and Svelte.

My favorite

I'm an avid fan of rhythm games, which has filled my list of favorite songs with a lot of music from rhythm games. Sometimes I play Minecraft with my friends.

Besides, I'm a big foodie and have a very unrealistic dream of trying all of my very favorite cuisines.


  • I can speak Chinese and English but not fluently XD
  • My MBTI personality is INFP-T :?
  • My ability to express myself verbally is now somewhat damaged, which may result in the existence of unintelligibility in what you hear me say.